18. September – Kinderklangwolke 2016, Linz

On Sunday, on the 18th of September I will be a part of “The great wager” at the Kinderklangwolke 2016 Festival in Linz. It’s an honour. It’s gonna be fun!!! I can’t wait to sing with children;-) See you at 4 PM in the Donaupark, in Linz!!! Free entry!!!

More about this program:

Sparkasse OÖ Kinderklangwolke 2016 – “The great wager”


16:00, Donaupark Linz
15:30, Warm-up

Sunday, September 18, 2016
Since 1998 children have had their own Linzer Klangwolke. Each year around 3000 children call the Donaupark their own for the duration of an afternoon. For this reason the Kuddelmuddel always picks a current topic and turns it into a funny join-in-event, open-air and free of charge. In 2016 the special motto will be ‘Upcycling at the service of music’. This year’s Kinderklangwolke tells the story of the casting for a great music-festival.

For this the Donaupark will become the fictitious venue for the great finale of a unique challenge involving musical instruments. The children built those instruments themselves from materials that are normally not used for that purpose and which also look a bit odd. However, an old plastic pipe or a cable duct can also sound wonderful! Many national and international musical gangs will take part in this challenge – two children’s groups from Linz have made it to the finale and they are going to demonstrate their skills and their instruments in front of the audience in the form of a ‘musical battle’. The story was written by Brigitta Waschnig, Andreas Neubauer accompanies with Latin rhythms. Artistic director is again Jacky Hanzhanz who is supported by Heidi Leutgöb in staging the Kinderklangwolke. Mo Spann manages the creative building of instruments.

Idea/Concept/Project Management: Jörg-D. Hanzhanz
Composition, musical director: Andreas Neubauer
Story: Brigitta Waschnig
Building of Instruments: Mo Spann
Production: Heidelinde Leutgöb
A Kuddelmuddel-Project by order of LIVA

Link: http://www.klangwolke.at/index.php/kinderklangwolke/2016


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