music that uplifts you – N E X T 06.04 @ Strengen Kammer, Porgy&Bess Vienna…and other news

In the last few weeks I was teaching, and teaching, and I was teaching a bit, and played a few gigs with Hiroi and Hals, and on the 6th of April comes another interesting collaboration with the Russian drummer, Sergey Balashov in the Strengen Kammer in Porgy & Bess, Vienna…but, behind the scenes I was also working on my new cd with my quintett: BBQ!


“Freedom tastes like” includes nine original tracks, that I wrote in the last two years about living in the moment, enjoying the nature, about people, who fight with ADHD, about the feelings what refugees could have while loosing everything, and it’s just a pure fun – uplifting album with tricky musical jokes and improvised elements.

I also made a record label last week: VIENNA CONTEMPORARY VOICES RECORDS. The aim is to represent artists and groups, who have at least one female member, because I would like to encourage girls to play instruments, and give a little motivation for female artists to show their work proudly.

I will keep you updated with more details, and until then: FOLLOW AND SUBSCRIBE OUR SOUNDCLOUD PAGE:

BBQ on Soundcloud

I wish you many sunny days, and see you next week, on the 6. April @ the Strengen Kammer in Porgy&Bess, Vienna.



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