The lights are on. Michael goes on stage, and starts to “teach”…What is he doing? He shows his own sign-language to the audience, so that they can be also the part of the “game”.

My heart beats faster, because I know, that an extraordinary 50 minutes is ahead of me, full of surprises, where everything is just like in life: a mixture of actions and reactions…, but I can be here totally free, without expectations and preassure…just like in life…

We don’t have sheets, because the music is inside of us, but we have two important compasses: a writer, Ferdinand Schmatz, who reads his stories from his new book “Das gehörte Feuer: Orphische Skizzen” (in German), and a conductor, Michael Fischer, who reacts through us – musicians – to these short – and long sentences…Together (with around 22 musicians), we create ad hoc compositions, mediated by a vocabulary of hand-sign conducting, which is a specific form of experimental composition and complex improvised music.

I don’t think of anything…I just feel, which is maybe not the best word in English for this, but you can imagine this whole thing, when you’re flying…somewhere…aimlessly…nowhere…but somewhere…

Pure mindfulness with constantly changing dinamics, noises and deep music.

I’m so thankful, that I can just be me…and the voice…free


If you are interested in VIO, check out:

photo by S. Osaka



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