Born in Kecskemét, Hungary, Boglárka Bábiczki is an authentic vocalist, composer and a Montreux Jazz Voice Competition (2012) semifinalist. Started her musical career as a classical singer in Hungary, she is known mostly for her virtuosic, experimental singing with her band: BBQ, and having collaborated with innovators like Hiroi – Michiru Ripplinger Group, Michael Fischer and the Vienna Improvisers Orchestra, HALS – experimental a capella collective, Miroslav Toth, Máté Pozsár, Thomas Stempkowski, Gergő Kováts, Gábor Csongrádi…to name a few. She has performed mostly around Europe in such venues as Jazz im Hof Festival, in St Pölten, Austria, IG Jazzfest in Vienna, Austria, Are you FREE? Festival, in Dunajská Streda, Slovakia and many more.

A Vienna Konservatorium (Vienna, Austria) graduate in jazz singing (2010), Boglarka had taken several musical experiments from the traditional jazz through experimental music to contemporary classical and modern fields. Being the vocalist of the modern jazz quintet Hiroi, their first cd: “The return of the koi” was the album of the month in May 2016 in Austria. „As she uses her voice mainly – but not only – as an instrument, the colour spectrum of this versatile musical action opens up to an another, exciting musical dimension.” – writes Michael Ternai at http://www.musicaustria.at/hiroi-return-of-the-koi/

Boglarka is currently based in Vienna, Austria, and she is producing her first album as a leader with her band, BBQ. Besides touring, she works as a vocalist in theater projects (Sophocles-Antigone in Burgtheater Vienna, Kinderklangwolke 2016 in Linz), she is also a vocal coach and a mental trainer with lots of humor for the people who need help finding themselves (their voice).

BBQ: Boglarka Babiczki – voice and compositions, Julia Schreitl – saxophone, clarinet and bacground vocals, Alex Pinter – guitar, Wolfgang Bleckenwegner – bass, Martin Peham – drums FB: https://www.facebook.com/bbqmusicc

HIROI: Michiru Ripplinger – guitar, compositions and leader, Werner Zangerle – saxophone, Karl Sayer – bass, Thomas Froschauer – drums, BB – voice Website: http://www.hiroi.at/

HALS – experimental a capella collective: Anna Anderluh – voice, Anna Laszlo – voice, Su Rehrl – voice, BB – voice FB: https://www.facebook.com/halsmusik/

“Eine ganz eigene Note erhält die Musik von Hiroi zusätzlich durch die herausragende gesangliche Performance von Boglarka Babiczki, die ihre Rolle in der Band mehr als Vokalistin, denn als klassische Sängerin auslegt. Sie verwendet ihre Stimme vorwiegend – aber nicht nur – als Instrument, wodurch sich die Farbpalette des ohnehin schon sehr vielschichtigen musikalischen Geschehens um eine weitere spannende Facette erweitert.” by Michael Ternai http://www.musicaustria.at/hiroi-return-of-the-koi/

“5:21 Boglarka starts with a rhythmic introduction for “NICA’S DREAM”. She sings the theme her own way, very natural and yes: Jazz! Her scat builds up very well, after the piano solo she takes another interactive chorus with the piano-player … and: she has FUN! Her friends and family in Hungary watch the livestream and keep the fingers crossed for her. “VERY EARLY” is already a very difficult song – but she sings it in 5/4 with such feeling and also scats through these heavy changes. I sang that song on my Final Exam for the Bachelor of Music at the Conservatory of Amsterdam…So in 5 with scat: Boglarka: WOW! ” by Sabine Küchlich https://shureatmontreux.wordpress.com/2012/07/


2016. Jazz im Hof Festival, St Pölten, Austria
2016. IG Jazzfest Wien, Austria
2015. Are you FREE? Festival, Dunajská Streda, Slovakia
2012. Montreux Jazz Voice Competition, semifinalist, Montreux, Switzerland
2007. MM Jazzfestival, St Pölten, Austria
2005. 2006. Balatonfüred Jazzfestival, Balatonfüred, Hungary